About Us

There are many Salt Lake roofing contractors in our area from which to choose. What separates us from the others?   Service and Value.

In my many years as a Salt Lake roofing contractor, I have learned that anyone can offer a low price, but is the product you receive worth what you pay?

I spend a great deal of my time fixing leaks left by other contractors who do not take the time to provide a quality roof system. At Freedom Roofing, we make quality workmanship JOB ONE.

The Freedom Roofing Company has been certified as a Select Shingle Master Company by the Certainteed Corp. and all of our crew leaders and lead installers are certified Master Shingle Applicators from the same company.  This allows the Freedom Roofing Company to offer the best value, and highest quality to our customers

Are you ready to make a decision?

Put the Competition to the test!  Use this checklist to compare Freedom Roofing Co. to the competition

Do the other contractors offer the following:

1. Have a state license with a copy included with the proposal?
2. Have proof of liability and workers’ compensation insurance?
3. Provide a detailed written estimate?
4. Provide a workmanship guarantee covering the work they perform?
5. Include a list of references with phone numbers?
6. Secure building permits where applicable?
7. Provide free estimates?
8. Provide Lien Waivers to protect the homeowner from material liens?
9. Do they offer 24-hour warranty emergency repair?
10. Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau? Are you comparing prices based on like materials and labor cost?

We stand behind every job we do, and personally guarantee the highest of quality workmanship on every project, including roof repair and replacement.  Please contact us for a consultation or estimate.

As you shop for your next roof purchase, give Freedom a ring, and see the difference service makes!

For more information and a list of References, please Contact us.